HANDLE WITH CARE, CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE, HANDLE WITH CARE Contents Under Pressure, training, breaking point, welcome, appreciated, important, entire stay, your hotel HANDLE WITH CARE TRAINING | HOST Inc. HOST Hotel Services hospitality management training programs are custom tailored specifically for your hotel. Handle With Care Contents Under Pressure will differentiate your hotel's services from all others.

"HANDLE WITH CARE, Contents Under Pressure" training is based on a unique yet definitive concept that even the finest of hotels have yet to consider.  We at HOST understand. We "get it" and you will too.  It's all about the mindset of your guest before they arrive at your hotel.
HANDLE WITH CARE, Contents Under Pressure...
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SOLUTION:  Our HANDLE WITH CARE hospitality training program will make everything perfect for your guests.

HANDLE WITH CARE is our solution to this widely ignored trend. Training topics include:

· Travel Trauma Syndrome
· Importance of being Proactive vs. Reactive
· First & Last Impressions
· Moments of Truth
· Listening & Interactive Skills
· Problem Resolution Skills

QUESTION: Does the old statement still hold true that traveling is as much about the JOURNEY as as it is about the

ANSWER: Try Flying Coach
Today’s traveler is often faced with an overwhelming abundance of ever-changing hurdles leading to frustration even
before they arrive at your hotel’s entrance…

· Fluctuating airfares
· Hidden travel charges
· Long lines at the airport
· Baggage restrictions
· Attitudinal security checkpoint personnel
· Substandard (often times rude) airline personnel
· Uncomfortable flight seating
· Little to no complimentary amenities
· The list goes on and on
We’ve all experienced the Travel Trauma Syndrome at one time or another, and the pressure can sometimes push a traveler to their breaking point. 

Now more than ever, the importance of your staff’s sensitivity to the many subliminal stress factors that guest’s encounter during their journey can add substantial value to your guest's stay at your hotel.
Our Trainers will provide your staff with skillful tools and practical techniques necessary to recognize
symptoms, engage & decompress the guest, then reboot your guest's travel memory by deploying
techniques necessary for the guest to feel welcome, appreciated, and important throughout their entire
stay with your hotel.
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